• Marine Crew Services has implemented apprentice training for our Angolan clients and qualified 36 artisans through our xxxxxx programme. All are now employed in the offshore industry.
  • Marine Crew Services has trained and graduated more than 250 Angolan cadets and ratings who are all part of the thriving offshore industry in Angola.
  • Marine Crew Services has the largest number of black, female cadets serving in the offshore industry on-board deep-sea anchor handling supply tugs.
  • Marine Crew Services implemented the MCS-RKO Nigerian Cadet Training Programme in 2014.
  • Marine Crew Services has had over 5000 applicants come through our doors. Of this number, we have assisted more than 3000 (Officers, Cadets and Ratings) with either employment or training opportunities.
  • Marine Crew Services has created more than 2500 jobs for South Africans as well as seafarers from other African countries, including Angola, Nigeria, Namibia and Ghana.
  • Marine Crew Services has achieved a 94% pass rate for Officers of the Watch and Ratings Graduates and we trained over 1000 South African, Angolan, Nigerian, Namibian and Ghanaian Cadets and Ratings.