Four Angolan Navigating Cadets under MCS management passed their oral examination at SAMSA, Cape Town in May and July respectively and obtained their Deck Officer of the Watch (STCW) Class III foreign-going Certificate of Competency.

Having arrived in Cape Town in October 2004 with little or no English, this group committed themselves fully to their studies and successfully passed the one year theoretical phase of their cadetship at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in November 2005 by achieving distinctions in some of the subjects.

They completed their sea time on tankers through Sonangol and came through their experiential, sea time phase with favourable reports and recommendations from the Master and Senior Officers under whom they served. Says Deanna Collins: "Divaldo Manuel, Claudio Afonso, Osvaldo Teixeira and Pedro Uiembe did extremely well and it was a pleasure to facilitate their training."

Two more Angolan Navigating Cadets, Antonio Domingos and Angelo Pedro, are presently completing their sea time and will soon also take the SAMSA oral examination for their Deck Officer of the Watch Class III Certificate.