2013-10-02 Merle Jacobs Mans the MCS stand at the Careers Exhibition and Job Summit


(Left) Merle in control of MCS stand

SAMSA hosted the Careers Exhibition and Job Submit at Durban 10 – 12 June 2013.

The exhibition was well supported by the broader maritime industry with many companies taking advantage of the opportunity to showcase their business and career opportunities.

It is estimated that 12,000 scholars attended the exhibition and were given a good introduction to the maritime industry, its very many sectors and facets, and were able to interact directly with the company representatives at the various exhibition stands.

Our newly appointed Training Administration Officer Ms Merle Jacobs set up and manned our Marine Crew Services stand for the three days and provided information to a wide audience of scholars on the entry requirements and career pathing for navigating and marine engineering cadets and the role MCS plays in the training and development of sea-going cadets, officers and ratings.

A tiring but rewarding three days ……. remarks Merle Jacobs who is now screening applications

receivedby MCS for cadetships.

(Above) Commander TsietsiMokhele with Merle Jacobs (middle) and Deanna Collins (right)


The exhibition ran pararell with SAMSA’s inaugural meeting of aninvited  Panel of Experts, as technical advisors in their specific fields of specialisation, for the Maritime Education and Training programme.   The SAMSA objectives for this inaugural meeting were to introduce and engage on two key projects namely a Maritime Sector Human Resource Development Strategy and the Establishment of a Maritime Institute.

SAMSA’s Chief Executive Officer Commander Tsietsi Mokhele led the meeting which was attended by a broad spectrum of participants across the wider maritime industry in South Africa.

The Maritime Job Summit on 12 June paved the way for discussion and interaction by the various delegates on a model for developing maritime skills and jobs in South Africa. 

Deanna J Collins